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Scarborough Collections is the name given to all the museum objects that have been acquired by the borough over the years. We have frocks, locks, rocks, hats, cats, bats, stay busks, elephant tusks, marble busts, swords, awards, coin hoards and much more all housed in the Scarborough Museums Trust Store at Woodend until they can be put on display. There is more information on the background to our collections here.

Creating access to our collections

Scarborough Collections is also about creating access to stored objects through a number of different routes, this includes monthly store tours which cover a range of subjects. We offer an enquiry service where people bring in their own objects for the museum staff to examine and provide expert information. Our collections are used by researchers ranging from professional to amateur academics, freelance writers producing articles for magazines to television production companies, students studying art, costume design, geology, history, and tourism. We answer enquiries from as far away as Peru, America, Japan and Australia as well as those from Scarborough residents.

We are really pleased to be part of two partnerships that have helped us start to put information about some of our more important collections online.  The first is with Whitby Museum, to put a complete list of the Type and Figured fossils held by the two museums onto the Whitby Museum website, these fossils have been used by scientists for hundreds of years to describe new species from our geological past.

The second project is part of the Public Catalogue Foundation initiative to put online the national collection of publicly owned oil paintings, the entire collection at Scarborough Art Gallery is now available as part of the BBC Your Paintings website.

In addition to these two projects we also publish an Object of the Week on this website, and in the Scarborough News.

Visiting, Enquiries & Donations

If you have an enquiry, would like access to our stored collections or have a possible donation then please visit the Visiting & Enquires page. We also publish our Collections Development Policy here.

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